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The NFXCoin is a utilitytoken (ERC-20) issued on July 31, 2018 on the Ethereum network to promote an ICO with the intention to launch NFXTrade a crypto exchange, which with the success of this ICO it was possible to launch it on January 1, 2019

Since then, NFX Digital Services LLC has been developing mechanisms to promote the usability of NFXCoin within its ecosystem to promote its liquidity and volume, but the project is always keeping an eye on the market and updating these engines for better performance.

At the end of the second half of 2022 these mechanisms will be updated to reward users through a stake system at NFXPartner (mechanism that brings services from NFX Digital Services LLC, promotes external partnerships with other platforms, and brings advantages to the holders of NFXCoin).

With NFX tokens you will enjoy all the security of operating with a utility token

Before trading them, research and understand what a utility token is

Understand the NFX project and see the advantages of owning and trading your NFXCoins and NFXTokens


Due to the success and viability of the Binance Smartchain (BSC) network launched in September 2020, NFX Digital Services LLC decides to issue on March 31, 2021 the < b>NFXToken, a utilitytoken (BEP-20) whose main purpose is to provide access to services within NFXPartner.

In the second half of 2022 the NFXToken will also be used on several digital platforms, increasing its range of coverage and promoting greater liquidity, at first the NFXToken will be used in some GAMES platforms and in the future expanding the range to other digital service platforms.

At the end of the second half of 2022 NFXPartner will have a NFXToken stakes system rewarding users with NFXCoin, such stakes will count with an intelligent system to control the demand of NFXToken in the market, thus providing more advantages to holders of both tokens from NFX Digital Services LLC.







Enter our exchange and get the advantages that NFXC and NFXT will provide you!

Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I own NFXCoin and/or NFXToken?

The NFXCoin is the currency responsible for paying trade fees on NFXTRADE, also the currency used for prizes distributed among SMART SAKINGS at NFXPartner.
The NFXToken is the coin that has the same characteristics as the NFXCoin but it uses the Binance Smartchain network, and it was created not only to speed up the process of burning part of the NFXCoin, generating the scarcity of this currency in the market, increasing its demand and consequently its appreciation, but also to generate liquidity of both currencies within liquidity pools such as PancakeSwap, Uniswap and others. Its main functionality is the allocation of STAKINGS within the NFXPartner.

Is NFXCoin and NFXToken an investment?

No, NFXCoin and NFXToken are utility tokens that will be used in services within the NFX Digital Services LLC ecosystem providing, to the users who hold them, advantages over the services of the entire project ecosystem. It should be clear that the appreciation or devaluation of currencies depends on the law of market supply and demand.


NFXTRADE is the newest digital cryptocurrency exchange focused on ERC-20 and BEP-20 tokens, it comes to the market with the intention of promoting new projects developed within the Ethereum and Binance Smartchain networks , has a simple and intuitive operating environment, and aims to promote partnerships between other projects through NFXPartner.

What is NFXPartner?

NFXPartner is the partner platform of NFX Digital Services LLC, which will feature several services, products and tools for the crypto market and advantages for its users, offering a great opportunity to be building an independent business through a wonderful affiliate plan. It also counts with the daily distribution of NFXCoin from part of the income obtained from the fees of trades within the NFXTrade.

Will NFXCoin and NFXToken appreciate?

Only the market will be able to decide if they will appreciate or not, however all strategies mounted in the project of the NFX Digital Services LLC will have the objective so that the demand of both is constant and the scarcity increases, stimulating their appreciation.

Am I required to have NFXCoin or NFXToken to use the services of NFX Digital Services LLC?

No one will be required to have NFXCoin or NFXToken, however, all NFX Digital Services LLC platforms will have NFXCoin and NFXToken so that some platforms can work 100% with this circulation or work partially.

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