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The NFXCoin is the native currency of the NFXTRADE, the newest exchange that came to the market bringing many new features, including the link between several exchanges facilitating and reducing costs for users transfers between them, and will soon have a payment platform for its users to have the ease of using their cryptocurrencies on a day-to-day basis, in more than 80 countries.

Every NFXTRADE user will carry out their trade orders using NFXCoin as a form of payment of fees, thus generating greater usability and liquidity of NFXCoin a since all users will need to purchase them to pay trade fees.

The project also relies on the NFXPartner affiliate platform, a platform where all affiliates will have access to the best services, products and tools for the crypto market and still be able to participate in the daily and lifetime distribution of part of net revenue gained by the ecosystem of NFX Digital Services LLC.

With NFX tokens you will enjoy all the security of operating with a utility token

Before negotiating them research and understand the which is a utility token

Understand the NFX project and see the advantages of owning and trading your NFXCoins and NFXTokens


NFXToken is an arm of NFXCoin within the Binance Smartchain network. It will follow the same purposes as the NFXCoin itself, and part of the supply will be used to capture NFXCoins that will be burned, thus creating a shortage in the market.

She will also be responsible for part of the payments for packages of services, products and tools within NFXPartner, which packages will include bitcoin cloud mining and acquisition of bitcoin miners as well as their hosting on the NFX Digital Services LLC mining farm.

NFXToken will also enable the creation of liquidity pools of both tokens (NFXCoin and NFXToken) within various DEX platforms such as PancakeSwap, Uniswap, etc...

The actions and strategies created for NFXToken will enable constant liquidity and consequently a possible appreciation of both tokens in the market.

Along with these actions, NFX Digital Services LLC will launch in the first half of 2022 the NFXSwap, a decentralized exchange having the NFXToken as token native to the platform.







Enter our exchange and get the advantages that NFXC and NFXT will give you!







Frequently Asked Questions Answered

Why should I have NFXCoin and/or NFXToken?

The NFXCoin is the currency responsible for payment of trading fees on NFXTRADE, also the currency of payment for daily distributions made on NFXPartner . The NFXToken is the coin that has the same characteristics as the NFXCoin but it uses the Binance Smartchain network, and it was created, not only to accelerate the part burning process of NFXCoin, generating the scarcity of this currency in the market, increasing its demand and consequently its valuation, but also to generate liquidity of both currencies within liquidity pools such as PancakeSwap, Uniswap and others. She is also responsible for part of the payments for services, products and tools within NFXPartner.

Is NFXCoin and NFXToken an investment?

No, the NFXCoin and NFXToken are utility tokens that will be used in the services within the ecosystem of the NFX Digital Services LLC providing, to the users who own them, advantages over the services of the entire ecosystem of the project. It should be clear that the appreciation or devaluation of currencies depends on the law of market supply and demand.


NFXTRADE is the newest digital cryptoactive exchange with the innovation of being on a set of other exchanges providing users with the circulation of cryptoactives free of transfer fees, and will soon have a payment platform deployed in the ecosystem of NFX Digital Services LLC to facilitate the daily lives of its users in more than 80 countries.

What is NFXPartner?

NFXPartner is the partner platform of NFX Digital Services LLC, which will have several services, products and tools for the crypto market and advantages for its users, offering a great opportunity to be building an independent business through a wonderful affiliate plan. It also relies on daily distribution of NFXCoin from part of the revenue generated by the NFX Digital Services LLC ecosystem.

Will NFXCoin and NFXToken value?

Only the market will be able to decide if they will increase or not, but all strategies set up in the NFX Digital Services LLC project will have the objective so that the demand for both is constant and scarcity increases, stimulating the valorization of them.

Am I required to have NFXCoin or NFXToken to use the services of NFX Digital Services LLC?

No one will be required to have NFXCoin or NFXToken, however, all platforms of NFX Digital Services LLC will have >NFXCoin and NFXToken so some platforms can work 100% with this circulation or work partially.

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